Looking for great mountain biking in Los Angeles? Try Lake Arrowhead.

greats-resorts-agreeable-lake-arrowhead-resort-spa-of-the-pines-lake-arrowhead-resort-yelp-lake-arrowhead-resort-and-spa-reviews-lake-arrowhead-resort-marriott-lake-arrowhead-resort-dealIf you’ve never been mountain biking, you’re missing out on both an incredible adventure and an incredible workout!  As many native Southern Californian’s know, our home is host to an incredible diversity of outdoor activities.  Mountain biking is no exception.  Whether you’re new to mountain biking, or an experienced veteran, you should check out Lake Arrowhead for your next mountain bike ride.  Lake Arrowhead has incredible mountain bike trails for both beginners and experts!

Lake Arrowhead is only about an hour and a half from most places in Los Angeles.  It is the mountain getaway you’ve dreamed of, without having to spend hours on the road or in the air.  Beautiful skies and fresh mountain air is located just above Los Angeles, and is a world of its own.  Summer and Fall are amazing in Lake Arrowhead – cooler temperatures than the current LA heat wave, combined with water, mountains, food, drink, music, and more.

As mentioned, mountain bike trails in Lake Arrowhead range from beginner trails with gradual inclines up to steep single track mountain goat trails.  In addition, there are many trailheads from which to choose.  In addition, there are many online resources available to you to plan your ride:

Mapmyride.com (of course)



In addition, if you’re looking for help, check out Wake and Wheel in Blue Jay (5 minutes from Lake Arrowhead).

If you’re looking for some insane downhill terrain, check out Rimnordic Mountain Bike Park!rimnordic

Lastly, to get you in the mood, check out this great single track video posted on YouTube by Jeff Bruck.

If you plan to do some mountain biking in Lake Arrowhead, please check out our website for Lake Arrowhead Accommodations!  We would love for you to stay with us!



One thought on “Looking for great mountain biking in Los Angeles? Try Lake Arrowhead.

  1. Great blog, Lake Arrowhead Accommodations! Don’t forget SkyPark at Santa’s Village also has bike trails and rentals for beginners and extreme riders. Keep up the great blog writing! I am enjoying them.


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