Lake Arrowhead for a quiet vacation close to Los Angeles

Lake Arrowhead Docs Sunset.jpg

It still surprises me how many long-time residents of Los Angeles have never been to Lake Arrowhead.  At less than an hour and a half from most places in LA, Lake Arrowhead transports you to another world for your summer vacation spot!
There are so many things to do in Lake Arrowhead, beginning with visiting the Lake Arrowhead Village!  There you can shop, dine, listen to music, sip wine or coffee, or simply explore!  There are so many wonderful shops and restaurants, there is always something new to experience.
One of the most amazing things about the Village in the summer is the 2017 Lake Arrowhead Summer Concert Series!  Every weekend there are new and exciting bands you can listen to under the stars.  You can reserve  table seating in advance, or take advantage of many great first-come-first-serve locations.  During the 2017 Lake Arrowhead Summer Concert Series, you can experience great tribute bands dedicated to famous artists and bands such as Bruce Springsteen, John Cash, Billy Idol, Oingo Boingo, The Who, Led Zeppelin, The Beach Boys, Journey, The Eagles, Bon Jovi, The Rolling Stones, The Doors, and more!  Talk about amazing.
These are just a few of the reasons we love Lake Arrowhead so much.  It’s a great vacation place year-round; however, summers are just exceptional.  We hope you can experience this wonderful getaway that is so close to home, yet a completely different world.  Cedar Main
If you find yourself heading up to Lake Arrowhead and are looking for accommodations or a cabin rental, we would love you to stay at our place!
We have two beautiful and unique cabins.  One has an amazing view of the lake, and the other is a real log cabin that is great for large groups.
Maple Main
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